Health and Healing in North Carolina - An Interactive Timeline

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Alternative Medicine

Animals and Insects Remedies

Campaigning for Good Health

Cherokee Healing

Contemporary Medicine

First Artery Stent

First Heart Transplant

First Public TB Sanatorium

Granny Women

Growth of Pharmaceuticals

Healing with Touch and Words

Herbal Gardens

Herbal Remedies


House Calls and Home Care

Kitchen Medicine

Mammography Study

Mass Production of Penicillin

Medicare and Medicaid

Mineral Springs

NC Health Care Shortage

Nurse-Midwives Recognized

Self-Help Books

Slave Medicine

Smallpox Eradicated

Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking

The AIDS Epidemic

The Age of “Lifestyle” Diseases

The Baby Boom

The Birth of Health Insurance

The Civil War

The HMO Act

The Information Age Arrives

The Job of a 1960s Midwife

The Polio Epidemic

The Quigless Clinic-Hospital